Office Space


As a solution focused and future facing therapist my favorite part of the work is helping others to set and achieve their own goals. In doing this, i try to be mindful of  my own goals and aspirations.  One of these has been to create my own office space. One which is welcoming, calming and tasteful.  I am pleased to … Read More

Spring Aware


We are finally creeping through the last week of winter which has me thinking about the excitement of spring and summer.  Though this winter was far from the worst, by March I am always itching for the flowers to start blooming, and the tables to come out at sidewalk cafes.  Spring is also a time when we can begin to … Read More

A Moment in the Sun: Parenting Amidst the Advice

Parenting Advice Mindful Matters

Close your eyes and imagine this: you are sitting at a table with cold glass of iced tea in your hand as you watch your laughing children dart in and out of sunbeams that are dancing across the patio. You feel quiet, fulfilled, and proud of the beautiful childhood years you are providing; which will undoubtedly lead those same children … Read More

Why Mindfulness?

Why Mindfulness? Abby Mullen, LCSW

The definition of mindful, according to is “ inclined to be aware” or “bearing in mind”.  So why has it become so popular when it comes to mental health and well being? It would seem that in an effort to be more fulfilled or lead a happier life we would attempt to become less aware of certain emotions or … Read More