Mindful Matters Abby Mullen, LCSW


Online Sessions
Is it difficult for you to make it into an office? At Mindful Matters, we offer online face-to-face sessions via theralink (a HIPPA Compliant source) to better fit your schedule.  Are you in Manhattan, Brooklyn or another part of New York State? Theralink sessions may be your way to receive therapy and care from the comfort of your home, or the convenience of your office.  Contact us at info@onmindfulmatters.com for more information on scheduling a theralink appointment.

Do you find your heart is often racing, or you have difficulty pulling yourself out of a repetitive or worrisome thought? Do you find yourself unable to make decisions for fear of making the “wrong choice”? You could be suffering from anxiety. Anxiety is very real and increasingly prevalent in our fast-paced, focus driven society. At Mindful Matters we will work with you to gain tools that allow you to move beyond your anxious feelings and effectively and positively engage with your life.

Raising children can be rewarding; it can also be difficult, frustrating, isolating, and confusing. Even before you make the decision to conceive or adopt a child, you may find yourself lost in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions, compounded by the thoughts, ideas and feelings of others around you. These often well-meaning offerings of advice can make it difficult to find and follow your own voice.

As children grow, so do the anxieties surrounding the choices you make as a parent. You may find yourself experiencing anxiety or stress related to your child’s trouble with school or friends, special needs diagnosis, or general behavior changes as he/she moves through childhood and into adolescence. It is often difficult to talk to friends and family as you struggle with your own feelings and try to protect the feelings of your child. At Mindful Matters we will help you find your strength as a parent.

Is this career the right fit for me? Do I have an effective work life balance? There are so many questions that can arise when it comes to our career choices. Talking about career choices may be risky in the workplace and can be difficult within personal relationships. Work related questions are also often heavily laden with anxiety and uncertainty. Through solution focused and mindful techniques, Mindful Matters therapy can help you with your emotions and questions and help you gain confidence to make decisions that work best for you.

Marriage/ Relationships
Whether you are seeking a new relationship, weathering the highs and lows of a current relationship, or thinking about or going through the end of a relationship, Mindful Matters therapy can help you sift through your thoughts and emotions and gain insights and tools to help you create positive change in your life.