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Welcome to Mindful Matters

Welcome to Mindful Matters Psychotherapy. My name is Abby Mullen. As a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), I have been practicing psychotherapy in Manhattan and Westchester over the last decade. In this time I have had the opportunity to help people navigate challenges and create positive change. My goal is to create a space where you feel heard as an individual and safe to explore your thoughts, while gaining tools and insights to set and achieve your own goals. Some of my clients’ concerns have included learning how to steer through the challenges of parenting, relationships, career choices, college, and physical health.

Life throws significant hurdles and opportunities at us which can create stress and anxiety. Friends and family are invaluable supports, but sometimes you need more. Psychotherapy can help when you feel stuck or uncertain of what to do next. Acknowledging specific fears, stressors and goals can lead to an empowering stance for change. The clinical expertise and supportive environment at Mindful Matters can help you find and achieve the change you want in your life. Through a unique blend of solution focused, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness approaches we will work together to create a path towards a more satisfying life.

Client Quotes

“I love my session with Abby. And even more telling, my friends and family all rave about the work I have been doing with Abby”
” Abby has been so inviting, I feel safe and reassured talking with her, even when she challenges me to work on something that scares me.”
“I connected with Abby right from the beginning, and look forward to my weekly sessions with her.”
“ Each week I feel like I complete work and leave feeling motivated and ready to face the challenges in my life.”